Information for State Champs

Hi All,
This is just a quick update before State Champs this weekend.

Note the times your team is playing, as well as team reffing duties. 
Games commence at 12:10pm, with player registration opening at 11:30am.

We remind those trialling for the 2015 Victorian Teams that selections start at 10am on Sunday (more details).

The pool opens at 9:30am and we encourage those trialling to be early.  Selection criteria for the men’s and women’s teams is at the end of this post. Junior coaches will provide the selection criteria on Sunday.

If you have any queries, please contact the relevant coach:

Under 15s Junior Coach: Lucy Perdomo
Under 19s Junior Coach: Catherine Dolman and Craig Thomas
Women’s Coach: Todd Canavan
Men’s Coaches: Sandor Duis, Hamish Ride and Rees Quilford


Secondly, the VUHC notes that although some form of cash deposit is required for selections the Team Manager, Zoe Canavan, is happy to be flexible and discuss payment options, as required. You can speak to Zoe about this on Sunday. Team application forms will also be available on Sunday for those attending team selections.
Zoe’s email is

Thirdly, we confirm the location for Sunday is the Handbury Centre, Geelong Grammar School, Corio, Victoria(See attached map).

Finally, the VUHC wishes everyone an enjoyable day at State Champs and reminds all participants that the VUHC Code of Conduct applies to the competition.

The VUHC Code of Conduct requires that all members abide by the spirit and positive values of the game of underwater hockeyincluding those of fair play, respect, tolerance, equity, and the maintenance of a high standard of personal behaviour and integrity at all times. In the spirit of our great game, the VUHC wishes everyone a fair and fun State Champs. See you on Sunday!

Best wishes,

The VUHC Committee


The Victorian Men’s team will be selected on the following criteria:

  • Core skills
  • Game sense and decision making
  • Fitness
  • X factor
  • Ability to adhere to and perform within team structures


The selection criteria consists of 4 key areas with competency in all four areas required:

  • Fitness – Players must demonstrate a strong hockey base fitness level. Players must commit to completing the prescribed training program over the 6-month period leading up to the competition. All players must commit to a weekly training session to be held on Sunday’s.
  • Hockey Smarts – Players must demonstrate the ability to read the game and position themselves accordingly. The ability to make good decisions both with, and without, possession of the puck should be demonstrated. Backs and forwards must demonstrate the ability to give the puck to their teammates to their advantage. Players should demonstrate the ability to find open space whilst in congestion, and then use the open space to create attacking opportunities.
  • Skills – Players must demonstrate a polished fundamental skillset (flicking, curling, tackling), along with the ability to win one on one contests and maintain possession of the puck in traffic.
  • Team Play – Players must demonstrate the ability to double team and support their team mates. Players should demonstrate that they are consistently looking to give their team mate the puck in a good position.