State Titles Draw

The much-anticipated draw for State Titles is here!

*please note this is subject to change, direct any inquiries to

The rules of play:

  • Games will be played for 12 minutes, with 3 minutes allocated for changeover (15-minute time slots)
  • Teams will need to provide 1 in-water referee when rostered to referee (each team is rostered to referee twice)
  • Standings will be determined by: (1) number of wins, (2) head-to-head result, (3) goals against, (4) goals for

Finals rules:

  1. Semi-final one and two will be played as a twelve-minute game with no time outs and no half time
  2. The grand final will be played as 2 x 8-minute halves with a 3-minute half time
  3. Semi-finals that end in draws in normal time will have a two-minute break before going to golden goal. If neither team has scored after 10 minutes of golden goal, the team which finished higher in the round robin will be deemed the winner
  4. If the grand final ends in a draw in normal time, there will be a two-minute break before going to golden goal

*subject to the schedule running on time