Unfortunately there has been some player withdrawals from both the Elite Women’s and Masters Women’s teams to represent Australia at the 2016 World Championships  (20 March – 2 April in Stellenbosch, South Africa) leaving both teams with less than the full contingent of 12 players.
Expressions of interest from suitably experienced players that would be interested in being selected in either team must be emailed to prior to the 23rd December.
Please note it has not yet been decided whether the teams will travel with less that the full 12 players allowed – as it is possible one or both teams may opt to only take the minimum 10 players required.
For those interested please outline:

• Your current fitness level
• Capacity to meet fitness levels commensurate with the team you are expressing interest in before the world championships
• Your playing history at national or world championship level
• Preferred playing position
• Confirmation of your ability to attend training camps
• Confirmation of your capacity to meet team and travel costs (approx. $4,500 tbc)

After EOI have been received the selection panel for each team will consider its options. The teams may decide to:

• Leave team lists as they are
• Appoint a player directly to the team
• Hold supplementary selections to determine if any of the players that express interest will add value to the team

If selections are held or if players are appointed directly to the team you will be required to attend:

• Australian Team Training camp in Bunbury 2nd + 3rd January 2016
• Australian National Championships in Bunbury 4th – 8th January 2016

Craig Mackenzie
Acting Director
Underwater Hockey Australia