UHA Restructure

Over the past 6 month senior members of the UHA committee have been in discussion and planning regarding options for restructuring of the commissions operational framework, by-laws and constitution.

This discussion resulted due to:

  • general consensus that UHA should incorporate;
  • limitations on effectiveness of current committee structure; 
  • current failures/limitations of committee activity and information flow to members; and,
  • need to update the commission to reflect changes in the Australian underwater hockey landscape and stakeholders.

Attached to this email is the proposed structure, constitution, by-laws, position descriptions and a feedback form. Please circulate these to all members and return with comment/feedback to the UHA secretary. 

The general overview of the new system is to:

  • provide ultimate power to the members in electing the executive committee and voting on constitutional changes; 
  • ensure the committee is active and reports to the members; 
  • empower the committee with the day to day running of the commission driven by the best interest of the members. 

The proposed timeline is: 

  • 6th Jan UHA Meeting – discussion on proposed changes. 


If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us, I urge you to read all the attached documentation before submitting responses and use the template provided for feedback to help make the process as efficient as possible. 

 Look forward to hearing from you and seeing everyone at nationals.


UHA Committee

If VUHC Members have any questions of comments about this process or the attached documents, please contact the UHA Committee. While the timeline for comment was originally listed as mid-December, you can provide feedback to the UHA up until the commencement of Nationals (4 January 2016), when the amendments will be considered by the UHA Committee and State Reps.

Current contact details for the UHA Acting Director and Secretary are:

Craig McKenzie, Acting Director of UHA, craig.mackenzie@uwa.edu.au

Eden Brown, Secretary of UHA, edenbrown63@yahoo.com