Potluck and junior development wrap-up

Underwater Hockey feature from the Geelong Advertiser, 11 April 2017.

The Victorian Underwater Hockey Commission’s (VUHC) Invitational event at the Geelong Grammar School’s Handbury Centre for Wellbeing was a resounding success.

“Today, twenty young athletes showed how much fun can be had playing this great sport,” said  VUHC organiser Tim Helm.

Speaking at the post game presentations, he went on to say, “They enjoyed a full day of training and competition and the event has put Victoria in a much better position for the National Titles in January 2018.”

“The standard of play shown by the new players from the Geelong Club was excellent.”

Leo Chen from Geelong Grammar School was awarded the Most Improved Junior Player award.

For this event, U15 and U19 players traveled from across the state to one of Victoria’s best Underwater Hockey pools. The development sessions included games and drills aimed at improving their skills and team play.

Underwater Hockey has featured prominently in the Geelong regional media recently (see above) and the next Junior development event will be again held at the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing on Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4.

A big thank you to Tim Helm for the time and effort he put into organising the day. Thanks Tim!