Victorian 2012 State Teams Named

The Victorian Underwater Hockey Commission is pleased to announce the official Victorian teams for the upcoming Australian Underwater Hockey Championships in Perth.

The teams are as follows:


Graham Henderson (Coach)
Hamish Ride
Craig Thomas
Rees Quilford
Critter Rogulskyj
David McFee
Tim Helm
Thorsten Johansen
Alec Johnston
Martin Venter
Callum Wishart
Tim Ogden
Steven Taylor


Belinda Watts (Playing Coach)
Meegan Keepert
Catherine  Dolman
Camille White
Michaela Dommisse
Suan Adorni
Tracey McFee
Nina Barry-Macaulay
Kirsteen Reid
Amelia Wishart
Stephanie Goodrick

The Victorian teams will compete at the Australian Underwater Hockey Championships in Perth, Western Australia from 22-26 January 2012.

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