Victorian U19 team selections


By Kirsteen Reid, Victorian U19 Coach 

I will be coaching the junior team for the coming National Championships to be held in Perth from the 22nd until the 26th of January 2012.

I understand that we will be losing quite a few of our senior players this year but I am committed to sending a team to Perth and feel that this creates opportunities for new players to enter the fold.

I would like to conduct selections on Sunday the 16th of October at a venue and time yet to be confirmed. I am seeking expressions of interest at this stage from players so that I can establish how many players may be involved in the selection process.

I have provided the committee with the following selection criteria and interested players should read these carefully so that they understand the commitment that they will be making to the team should they be selected.



All players should demonstrate a level of fitness which is appropriate for competing at a Nationals event. This will involve a minimum of three sessions a week (ideally swim sessions) and at least one game of underwater hockey a week. Player’s fitness will be assessed at selections and at regular intervals in the lead up to the event. Players will also have to submit a fortnightly training diary. Players who are not prepared to train are not advised to apply for the team.


Players will be expected to attend team training sessions and training camps. At this stage these will be conducted at a minimum interval of two weeks for training sessions and two training programs are proposed leading up to the event.


Players should be prepared to develop their skill range and dedicate at least 30 minutes a week to working exclusively on puck skills (these will be explained/outlined by the coach). Players should aim possess basic flicking, curling, possession and disposal skills.


Players will be expected to demonstrate an awareness of the game and an ability to read play and connect with team mates. Players will need to demonstrate the ability to follow specific instructions and implement team plays and strategies.


Players must be prepared to be accountable for how they train and train. It will not be acceptable for players to not prepare physically for this event, miss team training sessions or perform badly in the pool. This is a team sport and you need to be the best that you can be, obviously players will enter the team at different ability levels but PROGRESS must be the ultimate aim of all players.

I can be contacted on 9578 3508 or at should you have any questions.

I would like any interested juniors to register their interest with me ASAP.

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